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Capri Marquees

​The Capri Marquees modern spacious design eliminates ropes and guy

lines; best of all its sweeping design is dramatically different from

traditional tents.
With its sweeping design it adds elegance to your function; with various

sizes available you can choose one that best suits your plans.

Capri Marquees come in four sizes: 20’ x 20’ , 20’ x 30’, 28’x28’ and 28’ x 38’.
They come with half clear and half plain side walls that are easy to fit and remove. These wonderful Marquees can also be linked for larger events, such as weddings, summer balls, parties or corporate events.

The Capri Marquee can also be linked together allowing the ability to create longer and wider structures to suit the capacity you require.
They are all supplied with white and clear sidewalls that are simple to fit and remove should the need arise.

Not everyone wants a marquee with linings and chandeliers – these sculptural marquees really do fit the bill for a multitude of uses.

These eye catching tents utilise the latest in Marquee design and technology and will be a talking point amongst your guests ensuring that yours is an event to remember.
Because of their innovative design the Capri Marquee can be erected and dismantled in a fraction of the time taken for a more traditional marquee structure, thus resulting in a saving on costs which are passed directly on to the customer.

Getting the lighting right in a Capri marquee can make a huge difference to the look of your event.
Floor mounted Up-lighters are used to light each of the peaks of the marquee giving you that distinctive look. We also offer a choice of colored filters for the uplighters in an array of colours. Combining this with the LED fairy lights around the arches creates a fantastic ambient atmosphere.
Modular Design

The marquees are a modular design which means they can be connected together in various configurations to create the shape and room you require for your function.

The wide and high arched sides of the Capri Marquee can be left open during the day creating a shaded canopy on a hot summer’s day and with little effort the walls can be closed up during the evening.
Advantages of Capri marquee over other marquees

The main advantage is the cost. The savings can be substantial as they do not require as much labor to install and dismantle the marquee. Also the Capri marquee does not require linings or much in the way of decoration as they are a contemporary, modern style of structure.